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HBO (Home Box Office) is an American pay television network owned by WarnerMedia Entertainment and the flagship property of parent-subsidiary Home Box Office, Inc. Programming featured on the network consists primarily of theatrically released motion pictures and original television programs, along with made-for-cable movies, documentaries, and occasional comedy and concert specials. Headquartered at Home Box Office, Inc.’s facilities inside the WarnerMedia corporate headquarters at 30 Hudson Yards in Manhattan's West Side district, HBO is the oldest and longest continuously operating subscription television service (basic or premium) in the United States, having been in operation since November 8, 1972. The overall HBO business unit is one of WarnerMedia's most profitable assets, generating operating income of nearly $2 billion each year; HBO has 140 million subscribers worldwide as of 2018.

HBO max is one of the worst online video service providers. It sucks as its monthly subscription is more admirable as compared to others like Amazon Prime and Netflix. Another sh*t of this company is that the content is not engaging like Netflix one. No one wants to buy its online streaming subscription again (after buying the first time), because of their useless and worst content but they renew again and again from their uses debit cards without sending any notification to them. More than 60% of their users are dissatisfied and disappointed by using their sh*t services. Many people also cancel their HBO subscription as it is not available on Firestick. So this is not a good deal in any sense for online streaming.


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terry says

"They had a working HBO Now on Roku which was perfectly working fine with zero issues at all. They then without telling anybody \"upgraded\" all of us to HBO Max which doesn\'t work and continually crashes. Then you have to go log in and the log in doesn\'t work and if it does, it is excruciatingly slow, like so slow it takes fifteen minutes to log in, and if you happen to get in it then usually crashes back to the home screen on Roku again. They removed all of our favorites from HBO Now and removed the working fine app in order to give us one that we all are paying for but DOESN\'T WORK !!!"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Working at HBO Latam was so demoralizing and depressing that I began to hate my life and my career choice. It wasn't until I finally left that I realized that I had changed because of this company. Work wasn't fun anymore, I stopped learning new things, I became very irritable. The upper management team treats you like if you were in kinder, they make you do EVERYTHING manually, no automation whatsoever. They micro manage you, they don't trust anyone, and they only care about you if you are from venezuela. They sabotage your performance review, they lie, and HR is in on it too!"

Desktop and Help Desk Support (Former Employee) says

"As a help desk and tech support my job was to install new softwares and do repairs if necessary and also provide employees with new advanced laptops. I strongly believe that my work was not appreciated nor was I properly trained for the position or given enough time to fix an issue especially being that the travel time from client to client was a great distance to where I was stationed. Cons: No appreciation for employees and pay isn't fair by experience."

Producer/Writer (Former Employee) says

"Slowing eroding culture, executives lost in the disrupted industry, rampant fear, scarcity, and divisive competition. Lots of petty high school drama and no growth opportunities."

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The hours were long, although the pay was rewarding. I learned many things in the investment arena, but overall, This experience was very negative. Cons: Long hours, No Benefits, On call"

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"My typical day would be on the computer writing reports and rechecking calculations. While I enjoyed the job, My boss (owner) and myself were great friends prior to this business adventure and I think this perhaps doomed us from the start. I did learn a great deal about high-stress, last business deal closings, how to handle such stress, maintain composure, in order to achieve the best outcome for both parties involved. This experienece was very valuable to me. Cons: Very Long Hours, unreasonable expectations from boss."

MANAGER PROGRAMU (Former Employee) says

"Dobře dostupné z hlediska dopravy. Nedostatečný prostor pro profesní rozvoj."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management in certain departments Cons: Horrible management and hr"

.... (Former Employee) says

"I normally take pride on the places I choose to work for. Unfortunately, this is not the case.. The only good thing I took away from this experience is the "HBO" fake name.. HBO Latin America operates as a independent division from HBO, so don't apply or come here expecting a corporate environment. They are cheap in investing in their resources and technology, they are also cheap in the pay ... Lot of people coming from South America and gaining visas to work in the USA with big titles and minimum understanding on how corporations work in America ... Good place for the unskilled, the only good thing I took out of this place is the warning to never work here again.. Cons: lack of flexibility (constant overtime, few days off, never work from home policy), poor management, poor talent, foreign corporate culture, lots of protocol/bureaucracy and situations that makes no sense.."

Head Crew Trainer (Former Employee) says

"As a first job, this place was great to teach me skills like how to stay on task and work ethic. Yet as time went on, management went downhill and they ended up making people managers after 1 month, just because of the lack of employees. The high turnover rate was not because of the type of job, but because of management. Overall management was not great. I definitely did not feel like I was valued by any of my managers, or the GM. Cons: It's fast food, management"

Creative Services (Former Employee) says

"HBO used to be a great place to work - they took calculated risks, encouraged creativity, and had a streamlined approval process. Now is not the time to work there until they fix their culture. It is toxic to the core, and until they address those issues on a cultural level I can't advise strongly enough not to work there. Incredibly political - which starts at the top. Cons: No room for upward movement, very political, and Time Warner is merging with AT&T which presents an uncertain future."

ex-employe (Former Employee) says

"High expactations, low money, low respect, do everything for yesterday, zero communications, your salary depends who likes you."

Senior Network Engineer/Network Architect (Current Employee) says

"Stressful environment experiencing culture changes. I would not advise anyone to work here under the existing management structure. The executive branch is much more relaxed than the broadcast side."

IT Department (Former Employee) says

"-There is no opportunity for advancement. Cons: everything else"

Technical Post-Production Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"I give technical support to several areas such as post-production, marketing, operation, engineering, quality control, graphics, production areas ( cine Cameras), video transcoding, infrastructure, networking, etc). Also I am in charge of purchasing of the equipment, parts and supplies."

Technical Support (Current Employee) says

"Everyone is out for themselves, specially most in managment. You maybe overloaded with work, while ton other are socializing. Your boss may play favorites big time."

Sale Ambassador (Current Employee) says

"• Perform sales duties and assisting customers, while provide positive experience"

MCO (Current Employee) says

"Management was poor. Some co-workers where treated with favoritism. Learned alot. Job was very stressful. Hardest part was the schedule. Cons: poor management"

Process Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Working on TV always represents a lot of under pressure work, especially when you're working with a whole Continent's viewers, but of course it allows you to learn so many things and they count with amazing people to work with. Cons: Low wages"



afstudeerbegeleider MER/BK (Current Employee) says

"opleiding wordt afgebouwd, dus de situatie is weinig motiverend, werkzaamheden lopen terug (helaas). Cons: nvt"

Former Employee - Creative Director says

"I worked at HBO full-time for more than 5 years Cons: I was in the middle of a lot of the greatest shows in the last decade of HBO. The whole industry is going through changes, so we can't indict the new HBO regime for that. And TV, in general, is a tough and highly competitive creative business. But since the AT&T acquisition, much of what's made HBO such a cultural force is now being slowly watered-down and dismantled by arrogant business minds with MBAs, corporate agendas to create the next Netflix, and hubris by the new regime, who feel they understand what made HBO great better than the creatives who were in the middle of it all. Before they joined HBO, I suppose these people felt like they "get it" about HBO. But watching high-quality TV is very different from making high-quality TV. The current regime was not a part of those years. Their goal is to get the most "eyeballs," not tell the best stories. Their solution to everything is to amp up production values. What made HBO great was prioritizing story, talent, artists, creative process, and a company-wide mandate to go wherever it led. And it sometimes meant putting the business agenda on the backburner (for a moment). Today this isn't happening. It's not about quality anymore. AT&T wants more, more, more. Things are being mass-produced. Stories are being rushed. Relationships are being burned. And whether it's formal layoffs or people leaving on their own, AT&T is quietly conducting a purge of the creative culture by burning everyone out. Also Note: In spite of what its TV programming might suggest, HBO as a workplace is a culture of white privilege that leaves people of color out. Its favorite chosen white employees get fancy trips, access to talent, fast promotions, and luxe perks. People of color grind things out for years in the same role, remaining invisible while their superiors claim credit."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at HBO full-time Cons: Diversity means nothing but checking off boxes to this place. The DSM team is burnt out and constantly voicing it to leadership, but they are too involved in making themselves look good to care. Leadership refuses to give role clarity to anyone, which creates confusion when people are trying to understand what to do when it comes to upward mobility (of which there is none unless you are an affluent white person, or, in the words of the “values” distributed: “in the right place at the right time”). If you’re not fully obsessed with being near/knowing celebrities or building your own personal brand, don’t count on getting any recognition or opportunities. It sounds crazy (because it’s so childish), but there is truly an “in” crowd that consistently gets the public affirmations, the tentpole content, the cool opportunities, promotions, etc. (and yes, they are all white). If you’re an introvert or just someone who is not willing to give up your morals to play the game, you will not find growth here. There is no formal process for feedback and because there’s no role clarity, it’s impossible to know what you need to ask for feedback on, so you get stuck in this awful cycle of trying to anticipate things you don’t even know. Leadership will literally never admit their mistakes - whether it’s their fast tracking of specific people to promotions, the way they wrongfully split up teams, or the fact that they don’t act on valid complaints. It makes employees feel like they don’t matter. The way that members of leadership are enabled to break a person down with little to no regard for mental health is astounding - it’s even more patronizing when they claim to care in a team meeting (or a panel at a conference) and then disregard in private. HR may as well be obsolete for how much they actually help the employees. And lastly, it is truly WILD how behind this company is compared to others in processes, internal tools, operations, on-boarding, genuine kindness, etc. etc. etc."

Former Employee - Consultant says

"I worked at HBO full-time for less than a year Cons: This is my feedback to HBO based on 14+ years expertise in organizational change and agile consulting: - Status quo/fearful mentality due to recent acquisition - Gender discrimination/frequent "talking down to" - Toxic Insecurity; Less focus on business growth, more focus on "looking good" to superiors to keep one's job - Insecurity and more interest in "impressing" seniors than in actual business growth - No collaboration across teams - Favoritism based on "sucking up" - No KPIs or business understanding across teams - No real project management tools except Google docs - Unclear and undocumented roles and responsibilities - NO cross functional understanding e.g. across IT and business functions"

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at HBO full-time for more than a year Cons: poor management inflated titles favoritism is rampant not changing fast enough with the industry"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at HBO full-time for less than a year Cons: everything about the place was bad"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at HBO full-time Cons: Upper management talks about transparency but does not know the meaning of the word. AT&T’s leadership is lacking and pretty much non existent. They do not know what they are doing."

Current Employee - Person says

"I have been working at HBO full-time for more than a year Cons: Toxic work environment, process-heavy, your opinions have no place here, lots of management overhead, hierarchy based on tenure and kissing up to management rather than skill or experience"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at HBO full-time for less than a year Cons: Found out recently my salary is considerably less than others in the same role with almost the same amount of service."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at HBO full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Management has no idea how to run a digital business. Avoid if you are an engineer/data/IT person and have other options. There is pretty much equal ratio of VPs/Directors to staff in many areas. Culture where everyone argues over who gets to do work and nobody does anything. Completely siloed and not transparent. Turnover is bad, not uncommon for even high level executives to come and go every year in certain areas and organizations to restructure."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at HBO full-time for more than 3 years Cons: - You know those scenes in Mean Girls when the girls turn into gazelles and start attacking each other? Maybe not, because it's not part of an HBO theatrical stunt. Anyway, that's what it's like every day between departments. Everyone is climbing to get to the top and will stab you in the back within seconds. - Casual racism and harassment run rampant, especially towards junior employees. Very "Mad Men"-style environment circa 2018. - No consideration of work/life balance unless you have kids, and it's only slightly better if you do. - The impending threat of layoffs is constant, even though they spend upwards of $15 million to produce each episode of GoT. No financial transparency between departments, even if you're the one spending the money (I think I saw a budget once in three years). - Archaic technology and workflow. HBO can't shake the fact that it's not a linear broadcast network."

Incredulous says

"Seriously? In this day and age, this is the best HBO Max has?! Holy mother, its just agonizing to get the stupid thing going and then? Does it remember your recent shows? No. Recall an episode you didn\'t finish? Hell no. Ridiculous. Just ridiculous."

Kathryn says

"Will be canceling my service. No Saturday night movies anymore."

Woody\'s fan says

"Shame on you for selling out your once good name and taste."

Sammy says

"Absolutely horrible service. Your watch list will disappear after spending hours adding movies and shows. SUPPORT SUCKS they are worse than the cable company. Don't waste your time, spend your money with a better network"

Mandy Glenn says

"Hbo changing to hbo max is total *hit. Why have I been paying for years and no longer have access to the latest shows because my pretty new, expensive tv does not support?!? You really need to get it together hbo/ max/ go/ now! What’s next?"

Scott Ostensen says

"i've been with Directv for 22 years. in the beginning they were the best. was proud to actually be able to afford the service. through the years i've seen the service and technology deteriorate. i stayed with them more out of convenience. each time i tried to cancel, they'd offer me generous incentives to the point as a result of all of their issues that the monthly service was close free. they recently lost their rights to carry local NBC and ABC channels in my area. if i havent already mentioned their technology is out dated and terrible and their member self service portal is practically unusable. you can't view a PDF of your bill and to make any changes to your account, you have to call their contact center. i am so happy to say that my next call to Directv will be to cancel the service for good."

Chasity Davidson says

"This literally doesn't work on anything I have. No my roku, not my phone not my tablet. Max works on my phone and tablet but not my roku TV. Whats the point? It would be a badass service to have if it worked everywhere but since I'm not usually on my phone nor do I wanna binge watch anything on my phone.... its worthless."

Maja Bevanda says

"User experience is terrible and at least two times per week app is freezing."

Melissa says

"I signed up for HBONow despite it being rather expensive. I enjoyed some of their exclusive material (Big Little Lies for one) and they have many good documentaries. Problem is 90% of the time I get a Can't Play This Title on both Now and Max! I have never had this issue with Prime or Netflix or Hulu. NEVER! I won't renew in the new year."

Caleb Sandbulte says

"Didn't make an hbo max app for firestick.. cancelled subscription. Very little content. Very low quality content"

James Garrett says

"This is the most expensive and WORST streaming service with little content, even worse "customer service" and abysmal streaming. Trying to back up 15 seconds in the video you are watching is like asking your neighbor to take you to LAX or ATL in rush hour and takes about the same amount of time. Oh and also be prepared for ADS!!! Yes ADS!!! No you did not misread. THE MOST expensive streaming service with the least amount of programming also has ADS!!! What joy! I got this for GoT which was great for the first 4 or so seasons (MAX kudos/respect to casting agents) and then like the books became absolutely stupid, annoying tripe. IF this was coupled with Cinemax it MIGHT, and I stress MIGHT, be worth the ridiculous price but probably not. Did I mention the menu and difficulties trying to navigate anywhere and do anything on this horrible site? Only good thing I saw was their new series "Lovecraft Country" but its NOT good enough for almost $20 a month. Their "sports" is mainly a talk show by Bryant Gumbel, some documentaries and little else."

George Barnett says

"Hbo pushing false misinformation again against our great president you pile of garbage I called directv today cancelled my hbo from my programming. Hbo is CNN in disguise you piece of garbage I hope your station goes bankrupt and by the way there are more movies you can put forth besides the same repetitive crap you show HBO-SUX 0 stars"

Robert Gastel says

"I don't want to give any stars for HBO fu you chumps taking advantage of the Corona virus trying to force people to get your ridiculously priced crap by buying all the rights to the good movies fu you money hungry corporate dogs burn in hell"

Diana Cristina says

"This app doesn't deserve not even a star. It is awful! It is basically impossible to binge watch a series. It jumps episode constantly and very randomly. Besides that, it is also very poor variety. Besides some old series and very old movies, there is nothing you can find. Another downside, the section suggested by them based on what you watched, has absolutely nothing to do at all with what you actually watched. As well was "continue watching" is missing what you are watching. What a disappointment. Not worth it at all! If you want to watch anything just use Netflix or find it online ...but don't pay for this."

Kiera o says

"Oh boy! Lovecraft country is Amazing! Of course it doesn't have any Pc politics, not intersectional feminism, black supremacy, anti-semitism, forced Lgbtq, "tRUe jEwS bEcaUse wE're bLAck", pan-africanism, " iGnOrE tHe ReViEWs oN PoLItICs" let's say yes to everything to support this show, because if not then you're racist. Hooray! Let's MaKe eVeRyThInG bLaCk 🥴🥴🥴 the sun is black! the snow is black! water is black! 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴 Edit: I woke up from a bad dream, phew! wait a minute...."

Lindsay Frasure says

"Worst customer service. I’ve had HBO for 9 months now. Recently I realized they were charging me twice a month back to back since I started my service with them. I contacted them and sent them pictures of the charges they are claiming the supervisors can only deal with this but supervisors don’t talk on the phone they only email. And they are very busy. I cannot get a response from a supervisor at all it’s been days. I’m getting the feeling this is their way of avoiding the issue they don’t want tor resolve."

Juventus 228 says

"Why doesn't hbo show any Marvel Movies, what a bummer. Some orginal series are good but so many on every channel all the time and no MCU movies is really bad."

Natalie The Blue-eyed Weirdo says

"WHY CANT I FAST FORWARD?! I was watching Wonder which was amazing....SO FAR! It glitched out, I clicked, “start from left off,” and it started it from BEGINNING! I try to fast forward.....and it said, “fast forward not allowed,” LATLEY THATS EVERY MOVIE! “Fast forward not allowed,” on EVERY MOVIE I WATCH!"

Window Shopper says

"While HBO doesn't provide an excellent service, it's still good compared to Netflix."

Galvao says

"Big and good choices of series/movies but it could use improvements in the operational side as well as in customer service. I am still a bit mad about the choices made for the last season of the Game of Thrones..."

Ross says

"HBO is fine. It isn't the best, it isn't the worst. They're doing better than they were the last couple months. Whatever they did it is far less buggy."

Toni says

"HBO sucks "

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